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Growth and characterization of A-plane ZnO and ZnCoO based heterostructures

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Non polar ZnO and (Zn, Co)O layers were successfully grown on (11̄02) sapphire (R-plane sapphire). The growth process was shown to directly influence the surface morphology as well as the strain state in (112̄0) ZnO (A-plane ZnO). The dominant defect lines seen in photoluminescence were due to basal stacking faults as demonstrated by means of selective photoluminescence and transmission electron microscopy. We present a novel method for growing high quality A-plane ZnO by inserting a (Zn, Co)O thin buffer layer, which strongly reduced the surface roughness. Finally (Zn, Mg)O/ZnO quantum well structures were grown on such a buffer layer. These quantum wells exhibited no intrinsic quantum confined Stark effect.

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