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Luminescence properties of femtosecond-laser-activated silver oxide nanoparticles embedded in a biopolymer matrix



Strong visible luminescence is observed from silver clusters generated by femtosecond-laser-induced reduction of silver oxide nanoparticles embedded in a polymeric gelatin matrix. Light emission from the femtosecond-laser-activated matrix areas considerably exceeds the luminescence intensity of similarly activated bare silver oxide nanoparticle films. Optical spectroscopy of the activated polymer films supports the assignment of the emissive properties to the formation of small silver clusters under focused femtosecond-laser irradiation. The size of the photogenerated clusters is found to sensitively depend on the laser exposure time, eventually leading to the formation of areas of metallic silver in the biopolymer matrix. In this case, luminescence can still be observed in the periphery of the metallic silver structures, emphasizing the importance of the organic matrix for the stabilization of the luminescent nanocluster structures at the metal–matrix interface.


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