Applied Physics A

, Volume 81, Issue 8, pp 1613–1618 | Cite as

The coadsorption and interaction of molecular icosahedra with mercury

  • C.C. Ilie
  • S. Balaz
  • L.G. Rosa
  • J. Zhang
  • P. Lunca-Popa
  • C. Bianchetti
  • R. Tittsworth
  • J.I. Brand
  • B. Doudin
  • P.A. Dowben
Rapid communication


We have investigated the changes in the electronic structure of molecularly adsorbed orthocarborane films, as a function of Hg co-adsorption, using photoemission. The interaction between Hg and molecular orthocarborane is weak and results in the formation of some small aggregates of Hg. This behavior is very different from alkali metals interaction with molecular carborane films and the interaction of Hg with semiconducting boron carbide films. Hg doping of semiconducting boron carbide may decrease the activation barrier for intrinsic carrier mobility, but does not significantly increase the number of carriers.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • C.C. Ilie
    • 1
  • S. Balaz
    • 1
  • L.G. Rosa
    • 1
  • J. Zhang
    • 2
    • 3
  • P. Lunca-Popa
    • 1
    • 4
  • C. Bianchetti
    • 5
  • R. Tittsworth
    • 5
  • J.I. Brand
    • 4
  • B. Doudin
    • 1
  • P.A. Dowben
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Center for Materials Research and Analysis, Behlen Laboratory of PhysicsUniversity of Nebraska – LincolnLincolnUSA
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsFlorida International UniversityMiamiUSA
  3. 3.Center for Materials Research and Analysis, 116 Brace LaboratoryUniversity of Nebraska – LincolnLincolnUSA
  4. 4.College of Engineering and Technology, N104 Walter Scott Engineering Center, 17th and Vine StreetsUniversity of Nebraska – LincolnLincolnUSA
  5. 5.J. Bennett Johnston Sr. Center for Advanced Microstructures and DevicesLouisiana State UniversityBaton RougeUSA

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