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Biological laser printing of three dimensional cellular structures


This proceeding presents experiments demonstrating that BioLPTM, Biological Laser Printing, can be used to rapidly and accurately print individual cells as well as patterns of cells in three dimensions. Human osteosarcoma cells were deposited into a biopolymer matrix, and after twenty-four hours of incubation, the printed cells remained viable and had multiplied. Multiple layers of human osteosarcoma cells were transferred into a MatrigelTM substrate, producing a three-dimensional cellular construct. Live/dead assays were performed, demonstrating that greater than 95% of the cells were viable after the being printed into the biopolymer. The ability to selectively print individual cells has potential benefits for cell selection studies and genomics and proteomics research. In addition, this technique could enable layers of tissue scaffolding to be seeded with cells at exceedingly high precision and resolution.

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