New polymorphic markers in the vicinity of the pearl locus on mouse Chromosome 13


We have used a Mus domesticus/ -Mus spretus congenic animal that was selected for retention of Mus spretus DNA around the pearl locus to create a highly polymorphic region suitable for screening new markers. Representation difference analysis (RDA) was performed with either DNA from the congenic animal or C57BL/6J as the driver for subtraction. Four clones were identified, characterized, and converted to PCR-based polymorphic markers. Three of the four markers equally subdivide a 10-cM interval containing the pearl locus, with the fourth located centromeric to it. These markers have been placed on the mouse genetic map by use of an interspecific backcross panel between Mus domesticus (C57BL/6J) and Mus spretus generated by The Jackson Laboratory.

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Correspondence to H. -P. Xu or B. L. Yanak or M. H. Wigler or M. B. Gorin.

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The nucleotide sequence data for clones reported in this paper have been submitted to GenBank and have been assigned the following accession numbers: U25821 (D13Gor2), U25824 (D13Gor3), U25825 (D13Gor4), and U25827 (D13Gorl).

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Xu, H.P., Yanak, B.L., Wigler, M.H. et al. New polymorphic markers in the vicinity of the pearl locus on mouse Chromosome 13. Mammalian Genome 7, 16–19 (1996).

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  • Representational Difference Analysis
  • Congenic Line
  • Backcross Panel
  • Congenic Animal
  • Restriction Fragment Length Variation