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TableĀ 1 Selection of counts of disease, mutant allele, and phenotype data in MGI (data compiled on May 13, 2015)

From: Allele, phenotype and disease data at Mouse Genome Informatics: improving access and analysis

Mutant alleles in mice 43,026
Genes with mutant alleles in micea 13,316
Transgenes and other complex mutations 7456
Genotypes with phenotype annotationsb 55,620
Genotypes with disease annotations 4500
Markers with phenotype annotationsc 15,335
Markers with disease annotationsc 2042
  1. aIncludes unmapped phenotypic markers
  2. bIncludes annotations to no abnormal phenotype detected
  3. cIncludes unmapped phenotypic markers, chromosomal aberrations, and transgenes