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Foreign-body granuloma of the kidney: CT, MR and pathologic correlation


The differential diagnosis of renal masses containing fatty foci is limited to a small number of well-defined tumors, angiomyolipoma being the most frequent. In recent years clear cell carcinomas with intratumoral fatty foci have been reported, due to either entrapment of local fat or to regressive adipose metaplasia. Demonstration of focal calcifications is a valuable sign, being relatively common in carcinomas while rare in more benign lesions. We report a case of a foreign-body granuloma of the kidney, containing both calcifications and foci of fat. The value of this case, in our opinion, is that it demonstrates that detection of the previously mentioned features in a renal mass does not necessarily imply a presumptive diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma.

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Received: 11 June 1998; Revision received: 3 November 1998; Accepted: 23 November 1998

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Ferrozzi, F., Bova, D. & Gabrielli, M. Foreign-body granuloma of the kidney: CT, MR and pathologic correlation. Eur Radiol 9, 1590–1592 (1999).

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