European Radiology

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Socioeconomic trends in radiology

  • F. H. Barneveld Binkhuysen
European health policy


For radiology the socioeconomic environment is a topic of increasing importance. In addition to the well-known important scientific developments in radiology such as interventional MRI, several other major trends can be recognized: (1) changes in the delivery of health care, in which all kinds of managed care are developing and will influence the practice of radiology, and (2) the process of computerization and digitization. The socioeconomic environment of radiology will be transformed by the developments in managed care, teleradiology and the integration of information systems. If radiologists want to manage future radiology departments they must have an understanding of the changes in the fields of economics and politics that are taking place and that will increasingly influence radiology. Some important and recognizable aspects of these changes will be described here.

Key words: Socioeconomics Managed Care Teleradiology Information systems 


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  • F. H. Barneveld Binkhuysen
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  1. 1.Department of Radiology, Eemland Hospital, Po Box 1502, 3800 BM Amersfoort, The NetherlandsThe Netherlands

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