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Table 2 Descriptive figures of 8 attitudinal items that were not included in one of the 5 factors

From: Patients’ views on the implementation of artificial intelligence in radiology: development and validation of a standardized questionnaire

Attitudinal itemsMean1Standard deviation
1. A computer should be able to find all unrequested incidental findings on a scan4.320.567
2. Computers can deal with personal data more carefully than doctors23.280.797
3. It is impossible to address computers on their errors4.180.867
4. It is clear to me who is responsible when a computer makes an error in evaluating a scan23.011.079
5. I find it no problem when a computer uses data from my scan and stores these for scientific research3.861.025
6. Humans and artificial intelligence can complement each other4.340.659
7. Human error is more harmful than error caused by computers2.621.074
8. A computer is just a giant calculator3.391.03
  1. 1Items measured on a 5-point scale (strongly disagree-strongly agree)
  2. 2Items marked are recoded to measure in the same direction within an original scale