Comparison of shear wave velocities on ultrasound elastography between different machines, transducers, and acquisition depths: a phantom study



To investigate consistency in shear wave velocities (SWVs) on ultrasound elastography using different machines, transducers and acquisition depths.


The SWVs were measured using an elasticity phantom with a Young’s modulus of 16.9 kPa, with three recently introduced ultrasound elastography machines (A, B and C from different vendors) and two transducers (low and high frequencies) at four depths (2, 3, 4 and 5 cm). Mean SWVs from 15 measurements and coefficient of variations (CVs) were compared between three machines, two transducers and four acquisition depths.


The SWVs using the high frequency transducer were not acquired at 5 cm depth in machine B, and a high frequency transducer was not available in machine C. The mean SWVs in the three machines were different (p ≤ 0.002). The CVs were 0–0.09 in three machines. The mean SWVs between the two transducers were different (p < 0.001) except at 4 and 5 cm depths in machine A. The SWVs were affected by the acquisition depths in all conditions (p < 0.001).


There is considerable difference in SWVs on ultrasound elastography depending on different machines, transducers and acquisition depths. Caution is needed when using the cutoff values of SWVs in different conditions.

Key Points

The shear wave velocities (SWVs) are different between different ultrasound elastography machines

The SWVs are also different between different transducers and acquisition depths

Caution is needed when using the cutoff SWVs measured under different conditions

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