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Long-term follow-up of non-calcified pulmonary nodules (<10 mm) identified during low-dose CT screening for lung cancer

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To assess the long-term stability of small (<10 mm) non-calcified pulmonary nodules (NCNs) in high-risk subjects initially screened for lung cancer using low-dose chest computed tomography (LDCCT).


A total of 449 subjects initially underwent screening with serial LDCCT over a 2-year period. Participants identified as having NCNs ≥10 mm were referred for formal lung cancer workup. NCNs <10 mm diameter were followed in accordance with the study protocol. Seven years after baseline screening, subjects with previously documented NCNs <10 mm, which were unchanged in size after the 2-year follow-up period, were re-imaged using LDCCT to assess for interval nodule growth.


Eighty-three subjects with previously documented stable NCNs <10 mm underwent LDCCT at 7 years. NCNs were unchanged in 78 subjects and had decreased in size in 4 subjects. There was interval growth of an NCN (from 6 mm to 9 mm) in one subject re-imaged at 7 years, but this nodule has remained stable in size over a further 2-year follow-up period.


Non-calcified pulmonary nodules <10 mm in size that are unchanged in size or smaller after 2 years of follow-up with LDCCT are most likely benign.

Key Points

• Computed tomography is increasingly used for screening for lung cancer.

• However CT frequently reveals unsuspected lung nodules.

• Seven-year follow-up of small (<10 mm) non-calcified pulmonary nodules is reassuring.

• Even in high-risk patients most nodules will likely be benign.

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