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MR-guided endovascular interventions: a comprehensive review on techniques and applications

  • Sebastian KosEmail author
  • Rolf Huegli
  • Georg M. Bongartz
  • Augustinus L. Jacob
  • Deniz Bilecen


The magnetic resonance (MR) guidance of endovascular interventions is probably one of the greatest challenges of clinical MR research. MR angiography is not only an imaging tool for the vasculature but can also simultaneously depict high tissue contrast, including the differentiation of the vascular wall and perivascular tissues, as well as vascular function. Several hurdles had to be overcome to allow MR guidance for endovascular interventions. MR hardware and sequence design had to be developed to achieve acceptable patient access and to allow real-time or near real-time imaging. The development of interventional devices, both applicable and safe for MR imaging (MRI), was also mandatory. The subject of this review is to summarize the latest developments in real-time MRI hardware, MRI, visualization tools, interventional devices, endovascular tracking techniques, actual applications and safety issues.


Device tracking Endovascular intervention MR angiography Real-time MRI 


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  • Georg M. Bongartz
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  • Augustinus L. Jacob
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  • Deniz Bilecen
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