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MDCT: cardiology indications

  • Andreas F. KoppEmail author
  • Axel Küttner
  • Tobias Trabold
  • Martin Heuschmid
  • Stephen Schröder
  • C. D. Claussen


In the past 2 years mechanical multidetector-row CT (MDCT) systems with simultaneous acquisition of four slices and half-second scanner rotation have become widely available. Data acquisition with these scanners allows for considerably faster coverage of the heart volume compared with single-slice scanning. This increased scan speed can be used for retrospective gating together with 1-mm collimated slice widths and allows coverage of the entire cardiac volume in one breath hold. Initial results from studies in correlation with intracoronary ultrasound suggest that MDTC technology not only offers the possibility to visualize intracoronary stenoses non-invasively but also to differentiate plaque morphology. This is especially the case with the next generation of 16-row multidetector CT. An increased number of simultaneously acquired slices and sub-millimeter collimation for cardiac applications allows true isotropic scanning with high temporal resolution. Contrast-enhanced MDTC is a promising non-invasive technique for the detection, visualization, and characterization of stenotic artery disease. It could act as a gate keeper prior to cardiac catherization and finally replace conventional diagnostic modalities.


Multidetector-row CT Coronary artery disease CT angiography 


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  • Axel Küttner
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  • Tobias Trabold
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  • Martin Heuschmid
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  • Stephen Schröder
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