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Mecklenburg, C.W., Lynghammar, A., Johannesen, E., Byrkjedal, I., Christiansen, J.S., Dolgov, A.V., Karamushko, O.V., Mecklenburg, T.A., Møller, P.R., Steinke, D. and Wienerroither, R.M.: Marine fishes of the Arctic Region

Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna, Akureyri, Iceland, 2018, Vol. I, pp 1–454; ISBN 978-9935-431-69-1; Vol. II, pp 455–739; ISBN 978-9935-431-70-7
  • Joseph T. Eastman
Book Review

These two volumes, in pdf format, are “intended for all who do research in and monitoring of marine ecosystems in the Arctic.” This is the first time that Atlantic and Pacific components of the fauna have been united in a comprehensive treatment. The fauna includes 229 species representing 20 orders and 46 families. Twenty-four of these species are found at the periphery of the region and, while mentioned, they do not warrant an individual species accounts. The Arctic fauna includes the agnathan Myxine glutinosa and 15 species of chondrichthyans. The most speciose actinopterygian families are zoarcids (35 species, including 24 in the genus Lycodes), cottids (29), liparids and pleuronectids, each with 17, gadids and stichaeids, each with 12, and agonids (11). These 133 actinopterygians compose 58% of the total fauna.

Volume I begins with a 10-page Introduction that includes a description of the Arctic Region and a summary of museum collections, fisheries surveys, and databases that...

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