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Bibliometric analysis of publications on enthesitis in spondyloarthritis in 2012–2021 based on web of science core collection databases


Enthesitis, a characteristic of spondyloarthritis, has been paid considerable attention by researchers, and numerous enthesitis-related studies have been published in recent years. However, no study has been conducted to analyze enthesitis-related researches with bibliometric methods. This study aimed to provide a broad understanding of enthesitis-related researches and explore the direction of hot topics and future research trends from a bibliometric perspective. The global literatures on enthesitis published from 2012 to 2021 were scanned in the Web of Science Core Collection databases. Visualization and bibliometric analyses were generated by an online bibliometric platform and VOSviewer software to explore the hot topics and research trends. A total of 1,181 documents were included in this study. Publications were mainly from these countries in North America and Western Europe. Among these countries, the United States was the leading country with the maximum publication counts (210), highest h-index (47), and largest collaboration network as of June 29, 2022. The most influential journal and powerful author were Journal of Rheumatology and Professor Mease PJ, respectively. Co-occurrence analysis of keywords identified that “axial spondyloarthritis”, “interleukin 23”, and “secukinumab” might be the future hotspots. More and more attention had been paid to enthesitis in the past 10 years. Present studies focused on the effect of inflammatory cytokines involved in the pathogenesis and the development of antibodies against these factors. These studies played a key role in understanding the research direction and subsequent management of enthesitis, and helped researchers extract hidden valuable information for further study.

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