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The emerging role of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging in the assessment of cardiac involvement in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

  • Sophie MavrogeniEmail author
  • Lambros Fotis
  • Loukia Koutsogeorgopoulou
  • Vasiliki Vartela
  • Vana Papaevangelou
  • Genovefa Kolovou


Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) is the commonest rheumatic disease in childhood and presents several subtypes according to the ILAR classification. JIA, specifically in its systemic form, may seriously damage various structures of the cardiovascular system. Other JIA phenotypes are also of interest, as cardiovascular disease (CVD) is underestimated and understudied, but chronic systemic inflammation and risk factors remained important contributors for CVD development. The currently applied non-invasive modalities, although they are important for the initial evaluation of JIA patients, frequently fail to detect the silent, subclinical forms of CVD. Cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR), due to its multifaceted capability in the detection of cardiovascular disease, can offer early, reproducible, non-invasive information about cardiovascular disease in JIA, allowing risk stratification and timely initiation /modification of cardiologic and anti-rheumatic treatment. However, lack of availability/expertise and high cost still hamper its application in the clinical cardio-rheumatic practice. The aim of the current article is to present an overview of CVD in JIA emphasizing the emerging role of CMR in early diagnosis and treatment follow-up of CVD in JIA patients.


Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis Cardiac magnetic resonance Vasculitis Myocarditis Coronary artery disease Fibrosis 



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