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Clinical management algorithm of uveitis associated with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: interdisciplinary panel consensus

  • Rosa BouEmail author
  • Alfredo Adán
  • Fátima Borrás
  • Beatriz Bravo
  • Inmaculada Calvo
  • Jaime De Inocencio
  • Jesús Díaz
  • Julia Escudero
  • Alex Fonollosa
  • Carmen García de Vicuña
  • Victoria Hernández
  • Rosa Merino
  • Jesús Peralta
  • María-Jesús Rúa
  • Pilar Tejada
  • Jordi Antón
Review Article - Recommendations and Guidelines


Uveitis associated with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) typically involves the anterior chamber segment, follows an indolent chronic course, and presents a high rate of uveitic complications and a worse outcome as compared to other aetiologies of uveitis. Disease assessment, treatment, and outcome measures have not been standardized. Collaboration between pediatric rheumatologists and ophthalmologists is critical for effective management and prevention of morbidity, impaired vision, and irreparable visual loss. Although the Standardization of Uveitis Nomenclature Working Group recommendations have been a great advance to help clinicians to improve consistency in grading and reporting data, difficulties arise at the time of deciding the best treatment approach in the individual patient in routine daily practice. For this reason, recommendations for a systematized control and treatment strategies according to clinical characteristics and disease severity in children with JIA-related uveitis were developed by a panel of experts with special interest in uveitis associated with JIA. A clinical management algorithm organized in a stepwise regimen is here presented.


Algorithm Biologic therapy Corticosteroids Juvenile idiopathic arthritis Methotrexate Uveitis 



The authors thank Marta Pulido, MD, for editing the manuscript and editorial assistance.

Conflict of interest

RB declares that she has received speakers’ bureau fees from Novartis and Abbvie, and travel and expense payments from Abbvie, Pfizer and Novartis. JA. declares that his institution has received a PI grant from Pfizer and that he has received speakers’ bureau fees from Pfizer, Roche, and GEBRO, and speakers’ bureau fees and travel and expense payments from Abbvie. All other authors declare that they do not have competing interests. Meetings to reach consensus were funded by Abbvie through an unrestricted grant.


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