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Biaxial total wrist arthroplasty in rheumatoid arthritis. Satisfactory functional results

  • M. Stegeman
  • W. J. RijnbergEmail author
  • C. J. M. van Loon
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We reviewed 16 uncemented biaxial total wrist arthroplasties (TWA) in 14 patients with rheumatoid or juvenile arthritis. The mean follow-up was 25 months (range 5–60). According to the Hospital for Special Surgery scoring system (HSS), good-to-excellent results were accomplished in 69%, moderate in 19%, and poor in 12%. The mean pain score was 0.4 on a visual analog scale from 0–10 (0=no pain). The Wrightington activities of daily life assessment chart showed a 63% improvement, and we found a threefold increase in range of motion at follow-up. Four TWAs showed early dislocation, one of which was revised. Biaxial TWA yields good short-term results in rheumatoid patients, although instability is a frequent complication.


Biaxial total wrist arthroplasty Functional results Rheumatoid arthritis Total wrist arthroplasty Uncemented 


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  • M. Stegeman
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  • W. J. Rijnberg
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  • C. J. M. van Loon
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