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A model, heuristic procedure and decision support system for solving the movie shoot scheduling problem


Creating a movie shoot schedule is an important part of the movie production process. Even for a small movie project already 50 activities requiring 130 resources such as different actors, director, team, special effects and locations etc. have to be scheduled respecting complex constraints which may be imposed on single resources as well as on every activity. In this paper, we present the movie shoot scheduling problem and formulate a conceptual model. We present a metaheuristic approach for generating operational schedules, outline the modules of the decision support system Schedule This which we have developed and finally we shortly report practical experiences. Our experience from using the DSS in real movie shooting projects shows significant improvements with respect to faster and better scheduling as well as ad hoc re-scheduling.

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  • Resource constrained project scheduling
  • Movie shoot scheduling
  • Metaheuristics
  • Decision support systems