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A study on water and dye sorption capacities of novel ternary acrylamide/sodium acrylate/PEG semi IPN hydrogels


Here, a novel ternary semi interpenetrating polymer networks (semi IPNs) have been synthesized. An effective role to develop mechanically strong polymeric materials has been through the preparation of interpenetrating polymer networks (IPNs). The highly swelling superabsorbent semi IPNs were prepared by introducing poly(ethylene glycol), (PEG) into an acrylamide/sodium acrylate, (AAm/SA) hydrogels. For swelling characterization, swelling experiments were performed in water at 25 °C, gravimetrically. Water uptake and dye sorption properties of AAm/SA hydrogels and AAm/SA/PEG semi IPNs were investigated as a function of chemical composition of the hydrogels. AAm/SA hydrogels and AAm/SA/PEG semi IPNs were used in experiments on sorption of water-soluble cationic dye such as “Janus Green B” (JGB). For sorption of JGB into AAm/SA hydrogels and AAm/SA/PEG semi IPNs were studied by batch sorption technique at 25 °C. For the analysis of sorption mechanism and for calculation of some binding parameters of JGB from aqueous solutions, some linearization methods such as Klotz, Scatchard, and Langmuir linearization methods have been used.

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This study was supported by Adnan Menderes University Research Fund, under project number FBE 08 034.

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