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Synthesis of ABC miktoarm star block copolymers from a new heterotrifunctional initiator by combination of ATRP and ROP


We described the obtention of well-defined ABC star block copolymers through the use of a new heterotrifunctional initiator. That way, well-defined PCL-arm–PS-arm–PLLA star block copolymers have been synthesized from a heterotrifunctional initiator bearing two hydroxyl groups able to initiate ROP of CL and LLA (using Sn(Oct)2 as coinitiator) and a bromide function able to initiate ATRP of styrene.

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The authors wish to thank Dr. Didier Le Nouën for the NMR analyses and Novozymes, Germany for supplying the Novozyme 435.

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  • Star block copolymer
  • Heteromultifunctional initiator
  • Coordinated anionic ring-opening polymerization
  • Atom transfer radical polymerization