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Polymer holography I – Method and experiment

Polymerization and networking as a method of permanent holographic record formation


Processes of radical photopolymerization running during the holographic exposition in photopolymer recording materials are investigated. Special experimental setup, which makes recording and continuous measuring of the forming hologram possible, was built up. An acrylamide-based recording material was prepared and tested. Our experiments verified that addition of bis-acrylamide improves the stability of the hologram due to micronetwork formation.

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Květoň, M., Havránek, A., Fiala, P. et al. Polymer holography I – Method and experiment. Polym. Bull. 58, 253–259 (2007).

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  • Photopolymerization
  • Diffraction Efficiency
  • Erythrosin
  • Recording Process
  • Diffractive Optical Element