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Effect of 3D structures on recycled PET/organoclay nanocomposites


Formation of physical network in PET/organoclay nanocomposites leads to significant improvement of processing and utility properties. The state of dispersion of silicate platelets in PET by melt mixing depends on shear forces as well on surface chemical treatment of the filler. The level of dispersion was determined by X-ray diffraction analysis and transmission electron microscopy. Melt rheology was used to examine the presence of network particles. It was shown that the addition of 5 wt. % of organo-modified montmorillonite into recyclate leads to a 3D network structure with secondary plateau of G’ at lowest frequencies. XRD and TEM experiments supported the conclusion.

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Kráčalík, M., Mikešová, J., Puffr, R. et al. Effect of 3D structures on recycled PET/organoclay nanocomposites. Polym. Bull. 58, 313–319 (2007).

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  • Complex Viscosity
  • Ammonium Cation
  • Surface Chemical Treatment
  • Silicate Platelet
  • Advance Rheometric Expand System