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Rummeliibacillus suwonensis: First Time Isolation from Human Feces by Culturomics


Gut microbiota is a complex ecosystem composed by trillions of microorganisms that are crucial for human health or disease status. Currently, there are two methodological options to explore its complexity: metagenomics and culturomics. Culturomics is an approach that uses multiple culture conditions (days of incubation, enrichment factors and growth temperature) and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for the identification of bacterial species and sequencing when this method fails. In this paper, we describe how Colturomic’s protocol has allowed the first isolation in human sample of Rummeliibacillus suwonensis, a Gram positive, facultative anaerobe bacterium. The bacterium was isolated from feces of a 69 years old male with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) recruited for a clinical trial assessing safety and efficacy of fecal microbiota transplantation in ALS. The first isolation of the microorganism dates back to 2013 from the soil of a South Korean mountain area. In this report, morphological description, biochemical characterization and antibiotic susceptibility tests were performed to outline the bacterial properties.

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This research was supported by the Italian Ministry of Health, Grant-No. RF-2016–02361616.

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GQ, AG and LM contributed to the study conception, design and writing. GF and SB performed material preparation and data collection. JM, CS, GC and MS contributed in patient’s recruiting. AA, EN and GN contributed in laboratory activities. LM was the supervisor in writing and corrections.

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Correspondence to Alessandra Guarnaccia.

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The authors declare no competing interest.

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Comitato etico dell’Area Vasta Emilia Nord. Delibera AUSL.RE 2017/0373 28/12/2017. Prot. N. 0,033,775/19-Del 30/07/2019.

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