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In Lazare Carnot’s Footsteps

  • Alain Juhel
The Mathematical Tourist Dirk Huylebrouck, Editor


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Carnot’s works, letters, and speeches: These references are available online, although probably without translation in English. Readers of French will be able to taste Carnot’s beautiful style. The author admits the translations in the present article are but pale reflections of the originals.

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    Mémoires historiques et militaires sur Carnot, introduced by P.-F. TISSOT:
  3. [3]
    Against the Empire settlement (text on my Web page):
  4. [4]
    Against the Empire settlement (images, facsimile):
  5. [5]
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    Mathematical Works: Essai sur les Machines en Général, Réflexions sur la Métaphysique du Calcul Infinitésimal:
  7. [7]
  8. [8]
    Essai sur la théorie des transversales:


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