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Lowering platelet count threshold to 10,000/µL for peripherally inserted central catheter placement safely conserves blood products


Despite the low risk of peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) insertion-related bleeding, the practice of administering prophylactic platelets varies greatly. Limiting unnecessary blood product transfusions reduces transfusion-related adverse events, financial cost, and delays in care. We assessed the impact of lowering prophylactic platelet administration threshold on blood product utilization patterns and bleeding events. This quasi-experimental study was conducted in an urban academic tertiary medical center. The study population included patients with platelet counts ≥ 10,000/µL and < 50,000/µL undergoing PICC placement in 2018 and 2019 when the minimum platelet thresholds were 50,000/µL and 10,000/µL, respectively. The primary outcome was blood product utilization and the secondary outcome was PICC insertion-related bleeding complications. Thirty-five patients using the 10,000/µL (10 K) platelet threshold and 46 patients using the 50,000/µL (50 K) platelet threshold were enrolled. The 50 K group received more platelets before PICC insertion (0.870 ± 0.885 and 0.143 ± 0.430 pools of platelets-per-person, p < 0.001). No patients experienced clinically significant bleeding. Immediately following PICC insertion, minor bleeding occurred in five patients (two [4.3%] and three [8.6%] in the 50 K and 10 K groups, respectively). Bleeding rates between the two cohorts did not differ (p = 0.647). Lowering the minimum platelet threshold from 50,000/µL to 10,000/µL resulted in less prophylactic platelet and total blood product administration with no appreciable difference in PICC insertion-related bleeding.

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