Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy

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What do plastic surgeons expect from anatomy in 2018? Clinical anatomy and applied research in plastic surgery

  • Marko KonschakeEmail author
Letter to the Editor

This special issue of Surgical and Radiological Anatomy addresses translational research in the field of Anatomy and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. All the original articles presented deal with clinical anatomy and applied research in plastic surgery.

The first half of this issue comprises papers, which provide interesting findings in perforators of the fibular and medial sural artery, morphometric properties of the latissimus dorsi muscle, and also essential anatomical and histological data referring to the deep fascia of the neck. All articles in this special issue show data, which had been collected by applying translational research on human bodies.

The knowledge of the human topographic anatomy is considered the vital basis of professional medical activity and clinical practitioners postulate that anatomy is the basis of medical knowledge. Modern translational anatomic research is concerned about plastic surgery research. Clinical anatomy and applied research in plastic...

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