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Evaluation of mental foramina in adult living crania with MDCT



Multi-detector Computed Tomography (MDCT) is an exquisite technique in demonstrating the cranial foramina. This study aimed to assess the anatomic variations and locations of mental foramina in living adult mandible by MDCT.


MDCT data of 100 dentulous adult subjects were collected from the high-resolution examinations that covered the mandible. Presence and number of foramina, their diameter and distance from the mid line that is mid sagittal plane and alveolar ridge were recorded.


Mental foramina was clearly identified, localized and characterized in all subjects. Duplication was observed in four patients. Among them, one subject had bilateral accessory foramina. Mid line distances were significantly higher in men than women. Distances and diameters of right foramina were insignificantly higher in the males. Also, left foramina was insignificantly wider in women. Positive correlations were noticed between the measurements of right and left foramina.


This is the first study on mental foramina in living mandible with MDCT. With its tremendous capabilities, MDCT may be established in anatomical studies and preoperative planning.

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