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Correction to: Long-term almond yield response to deficit irrigation

The Original Article was published on 02 February 2021

Correction to: Irrigation Science

The published article has a typographic error on the label of the equation that appears in Fig. 4a, where it appears as \(Y_{{\text{DW }}} = - 0.0023{\text{ IR}}^{2} + 5.5499{\text{ IR}} + 454.92\) when the corrected equation is \(Y_{{\text{DW }}} = - 0.0023{\text{ IR}}^{2} + 4.5499 {\text{IR}} + 454.92\).

This is a typing error generated in the transcription of the equation during the graphic work and in no way alters the results presented in the graphs. The published paper has been carefully checked, and we have verified that the equation drawn in the published Fig. 4a was made with the correct equation, as is the case with the derivate of the equation that appears published in Fig. 5 [IWMP = (− 0.0046 IR + 4.5499)/10].

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