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Table 5 Crop and yield results for the LIRF 2008–2011 water productivity study

From: Water productivity of maize in the US high plains

Year Tmnt Max cover (%) Full cover (DOY) Max crop Ht. (cm) Final biomass (Mg ha− 1) HI Kernel mass (g seed−1) Grain yield (Mg ha−1)
2008 T1 90 200 220a 21.47a 0.57b 0.293ab 13.23a
  T2 90 203 210ab 20.95a 0.57b 0.296a 12.94a
  T3 90 207 191b 19.44ab 0.58ab 0.296a 12.60a
  T4 90 211 164c 17.44b 0.61a 0.289abc 11.35b
  T5 83 225 125d 13.74c 0.61ab 0.274c 9.01c
  T6 83 240 116d 13.89c 0.60ab 0.278bc 8.82c
2009 T1 92 194 246a 20.60a 0.56ab 0.252a 12.10a
  T2 92 194 231ab 21.27a 0.57ab 0.253a 11.59a
  T3 92 194 230ab 19.12ab 0.58a 0.247a 11.02a
  T4 90 200 218b 17.88b 0.58a 0.247a 10.32a
  T5 79 n/a 170c 14.17c 0.59a 0.224b 8.04b
  T6 73 n/a 164c 11.05d 0.54b 0.205c 5.94c
2010 T1 90 191 228a 18.31a 0.59a n/a 11.17ab
  T2 90 191 223a 18.16a 0.59a n/a 11.44a
  T3 90 191 210a 15.78ab 0.59ab n/a 10.46ab
  T4 88 191 182b 14.71b 0.59ab n/a 9.32b
  T5 75 n/a 157c 11.17c 0.60a n/a 7.15c
  T6 66 n/a 142c 9.03c 0.56b n/a 5.50c
2011 T1 90 196 276a 21.92a 0.56a 0.262a 13.64a
  T2 90 198 263ab 19.77a 0.56a 0.253ab 12.50a
  T3 90 202 248ab 17.34b 0.56a 0.234ab 10.37b
  T4 87 203 235b 17.13b 0.55a 0.232bc 10.29b
  T5 75 n/a 185c 11.95c 0.54a 0.204c 7.23c
  T6 65 n/a 166c 9.99c 0.47b 0.169d 3.97d
  1. Max cover maximum canopy ground cover, Full cover day of year when crop reached 80% canopy ground cover (n/a crop did not reach 80% cover), Max Crop Ht. maximum canopy height (without tassel), Final Biomass total above ground biomass (oven dry), HI harvest index (dry grain mass divided by total above ground dry biomass), Kernel Mass final average dry mass per kernel, Grain Yield grain yield at 15.5% moisture content. Treatment means followed the same letter in a column in a year are not significantly different (p < 0.05)