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FlowTriever Aspiration Thrombectomy for Thrombosed Venous Stents: An Experience in Seven Patients

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Correspondence to Jeffrey Forris Beecham Chick.

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E.J.M. is a scientific advisor and speaker for Biogen. J.F.B.C. is a consultant and speaker for Inari Medical, Guerbet, C. R. Bard, Argon Medical Devices, Boston Scientific, and NXT Biomedical. None of the other authors have identified a conflict of interest.

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All procedures performed in studies involving human participants were in accordance with the ethical standards of the institutional or national research committee and with the 1964 Helsinki Declaration and its later amendments or comparable ethical standards. Institutional review board approval was obtained for preparation of this report.

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Abad-Santos, M., Shin, D.S., Monroe, E.J. et al. FlowTriever Aspiration Thrombectomy for Thrombosed Venous Stents: An Experience in Seven Patients. Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol 45, 715–717 (2022).

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