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Effect of Transcatheter Arterial Microembolization on Phantom Limb Pain Persisting for 17 Years


Phantom limb pain is a frequent consequence of the amputation; currently available treatments are far from satisfactory. The present report describes a case in which transcatheter arterial microembolization had a remarkable curative effect on phantom limb pain persisting for 17 years. The patient began feeling phantom limb sensations and brief intermittent pain following lower limb amputation above the knee in 2001. The frequency, intensity, and duration of the pain increased over time, and it was resistant to conservative treatments. Following transcatheter arterial microembolization in 2018, patient immediately experienced marked improvement. The pain has been infrequent, much less intense, and did not interfere with daily life 6 months posttreatment. Transcatheter arterial microembolization could be an alternative treatment option for phantom limb pain.

Level of Evidence

IV, Case Report

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