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Fluoroscopic Targeting of Wallstents and Amplatzer Vascular Plugs in Sharp Recanalization of Chronic Venous Occlusions

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Sharp recanalization of chronic venous occlusions is usually performed with targeting of wire-capture devices like loop snares or balloons. We describe sharp recanalization of chronic venous occlusions using self-expanding stents and vascular plugs.

Material and Methods

We retrospectively reviewed all sharp venous recanalization procedures performed over an 11-month period and found Wallstent and Amplatzer vascular plug (AVP) targeting was performed in 16 patients. Patient demographics, occlusion site, targeting device, technical success of the targeting, and overall procedural success were recorded.


Technical success was achieved in twelve (86%) Wallstent and two (67%) AVP deployments. Procedural success was achieved in 15 (94%). Three minor complications occurred.


Wallstent and AVP targeting may be a useful technique when performing sharp recanalization for chronic venous occlusions. These devices expand the target space and present the same cross section viewed from any angle and can directly capture and extract the wire, features helpful in regions with crowded vascular anatomy.

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Fig. 1
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Fig. 3



Amplatzer vascular plug


Inferior vena cava


Superior vena cava


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The authors would like to acknowledge Dr. Ben Shin for his illustration noted as Fig. 1.

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Correspondence to Minhaj S. Khaja.

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Minhaj S. Khaja, Jeffrey Forris Beecham Chick, Ari D. Schuman, Kyle J. Cooper, Bill S. Majdalany, and Wael E. Saad have no conflicts of interest. David M. Williams is on the Scientific Advisory Board of Boston Scientific Corporation and is a consultant for W. L. Gore and Associates.

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All procedures performed in studies involving human participants were in accordance with the ethical standards of the institutional and/or national research committee and with the 1964 Helsinki Declaration and its later amendments or comparable ethical standards.

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For retrospective studies at our institution, formal consent is not required.

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