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CIRSE Guidelines on Percutaneous Needle Biopsy (PNB)

  • Andrea VeltriEmail author
  • Irene Bargellini
  • Luigi Giorgi
  • Paulo Alexandre Matos Silva Almeida
  • Okan Akhan
CIRSE Standards of Practice Guidelines


Image-guided percutaneous needle biopsy (PNB) has proven to be a safe and effective procedure, and it became a common procedure representing an essential step for diagnosis and treatment planning in many situations.

Compared to open or excisional biopsy, image-guided percutaneous biopsy is less invasive and can be proposed as an outpatient service in the majority of cases.

However, success of PNB is strictly related to proper patient selection, preparation and post-procedural management as well as adequate procedural planning and monitoring.

Moreover, in the era of personalized cancer therapy, role of PNB is evolving since biomarker status today is guiding therapeutic decisions in many solid tumours, not only at initial diagnosis but also at the time of progression. Biological specimens are also becoming mandatory in many clinical trials. This new role of PNB implies a more intense involvement of interventional radiologists (IRs) in multidisciplinary discussions and...


Percutaneous biopsy Fine-needle biopsy Large-core needle biopsy Image-guided biopsy Diagnostic techniques and procedures CIRSE guidelines 


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