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CIRSE Guidelines on Percutaneous Vertebral Augmentation

  • Georgia TsoumakidouEmail author
  • Chow Wei Too
  • Guillaume Koch
  • Jean Caudrelier
  • Roberto Luigi Cazzato
  • Julien Garnon
  • Afshin Gangi
CIRSE Standards of Practice Guidelines


Vertebral compression fracture (VCF) is an important cause of severe debilitating back pain, adversely affecting quality of life, physical function, psychosocial performance, mental health and survival. Different vertebral augmentation procedures (VAPs) are used in order to consolidate the VCFs, relief pain,and whenever posible achieve vertebral body height restoration. In the present review we give the indications, contraindications, safety profile and outcomes of the existing percutaneous VAPs.


Vertebral compression fracture Osteoporosis Vertebroplasty Kyphoplasty Percutaneous bone implant techniques 


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