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Arsenic and phosphorus in feldspar framework: sanidine–filatovite solid solution series from fumarolic exhalations of the Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka, Russia

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The influence of pentavalent arsenic and phosphorus on crystal chemical features of the feldspar framework was studied on the minerals belonging to the sanidine–filatovite solid-solution series from fumarolic exhalations of the Tolbachik volcano (Kamchatka, Russia). The reported feldspars demonstrate the first example of natural continuous solid solution between silicate and arsenate. The content of As2O5 varies from 0.0 to 45 wt% along with the highest phosphorus content found in natural feldspars: up to 5 wt% P2O5. The major substitution schemes in the studied feldspars are Al3+  + M5+  → 2Si4+ and M2+  + M5+  → Al3+  + Si4+, where M2+ = Zn and Cu and M5+ = As and P. The crystal structures of four samples with empirical formulae K0.95[(Si2.98Al0.93Fe0.08As0.02)Ʃ4.01O8] (space group C2/m), (K0.91Na0.06Ca0.03)Ʃ1.00[(Si2.81Al1.14As0.03P0.03Fe0.01)Ʃ4.02O8] (C2/m), K0.82[(Al1.92As1.11Si0.89Zn0.05Fe0.03Cu0.02P0.01)Ʃ4.03O8] (I2/c), K0.99[(Si1.87Al1.51As0.53P0.05Fe0.02Cu0.01)Ʃ3.99O8] (I2/c) were studied. The phase transition in the sanidine–filatovite solid-solution series is C2/m → I2/c. This is caused by the change of the Al:(Si + As) ratio from 1:3 in sanidine to 1:1 in filatovite along with significant ordering of Al, Si and As in the framework.

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We thank two anonymous referees for valuable comments. This work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation, Grant no. 19–17-00050. Powder XRD study was carried out with the technical support by the SPbSU X-Ray Diffraction Resource Center.

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Correspondence to Nadezhda V. Shchipalkina.

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  • Sanidine
  • Filatovite
  • Potassic feldspar
  • Arsenic
  • Phosphorus
  • Isomorphism in tectosilicate
  • Fumarole sublimate
  • Tolbachik volcano