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Si and O self-diffusion in hydrous forsterite and iron-bearing olivine from the perspective of defect chemistry

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We discuss the experimental results of silicon and oxygen self-diffusion coefficients in forsterite and iron-bearing olivine from the perspective of defect chemistry. Silicon diffusion is dominated by VO··-associated VSi″″, whereas oxygen diffusion is dominated by hopping of VO·· under anhydrous conditions, and by (OH)O· under hydrous conditions. By considering the charge neutrality condition of [(OH)O·] = 2[VMe″] in hydrous forsterite and iron-bearing olivine, we get DSi ∝ (\(C_{{{\text{H}}_{2} {\text{O}}}}\))1/3 and DO ∝ (\(C_{{{\text{H}}_{2} {\text{O}}}}\))0, which explains the experimental results of water effects on oxygen and silicon self-diffusion rates (Fei et al. in Nature 498:213–215, 2013; J Geophys Res 119:7598–7606, 2014). The \(C_{{{\text{H}}_{2} {\text{O}}}}\) dependence of creep rate in the Earth’s mantle should be close to that given by Si and O self-diffusion coefficients obtained under water unsaturated conditions.


Defect chemistry Water content Silicon Oxygen Self-diffusion coefficient Forsterite 


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  2. 2.Bayerisches GeoinstitutUniversity of BayreuthBayreuthGermany

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