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High Superior Tension Abdominoplasty


Although abdominoplasty has always been a routine operation, demands for it are constantly increasing for diverse reasons. For one, stomach reduction practiced by digestive surgeons is becoming a regular procedure. Massive weight loss induced by this surgery leads to a demand for abdominoplasty with increased risks of a difficult postoperative period and complications. In addition, more and more patients are looking for an improvement of a moderate cutaneous excess following pregnancy. In this case, standard abdominoplasty technique does not permit a sufficient skin resection and the surgeon must perform a vertical below umbilical scar and an insufficient epigastrium tension. Finally, a hematic or lymphatic collection is obviously undesirable and can lead to an aesthetic disaster. For these reasons, surgeons, more than ever, need a reliable technique that adapts to those different situations.

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Le Louarn, C., Pascal, J. High Superior Tension Abdominoplasty. Aesth. Plast. Surg. 24, 375–381 (2000).

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  • Key words: Abdominoplasty—Massive weight loss—Postpregnancy skin excess