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Aesthetic Eyebrow Reconstruction with an Expanded Scalp Island Flap Pedicled by the Superficial Temporal Artery



This case study demonstrates a new operative method of eyebrow reconstruction, in which the hair density of the reconstructed eyebrow is controlled by the surgeon and is more similar to that of the uninjured side, resulting in a more natural facial expression and greater aesthetic value for our patients.

Materials and Methods

The operation was divided into two stages: Stage 1: Implantation of a soft tissue expander into the corresponding subgaleal position of the parietal branch of the superficial temporal artery on the injured side, followed by dilation of the expander until the density of the hair on the expanded scalp reached a suitable value and was lower than that of the uninjured eyebrow. Stage 2: Harvesting of the scalp island flap pedicled by the superficial temporal artery, the end of which was attached to the expanded scalp, followed by the downward movement of the flap to the defect site of the eyebrow via a subcutaneous tunnel, resulting in new eyebrow formation.


In eight cases who were monitored for 4–16 months of follow-up, almost all of the reconstructed eyebrows successfully assumed a desirable shape and exhibited a natural appearance, which was consistent with preoperative expectations; the transplanted hairs were highly similar to those of the original eyebrows. All participants remained healthy after the operation, which was indicated by sufficient blood supply to the expanded flap and normal growth of a new eyebrow without postoperative complications.


Our study demonstrated the excellent performance of an innovative procedure in which a expanded scalp island flap pedicled by the superficial temporal artery was used in the construction of a new eyebrow. It can be performed very safely and reliably to ensure expected results.

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