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Arcus Marginalis Release II Via Endoscopic Midface-Lift

  • G. Björn Stark
  • V. Penna
  • N. IblherEmail author
Original Article


Tear troughs in combination with midfacial ptosis may be early and synergistic signs of aging. Premaxillary and suborbicularis oculi fat (SOOF) descent decreases soft tissue volume covering the orbital rim, while prolapsing retroseptal fat actually underscores the resulting tear trough shadow. This volume change precedes skin redundancy. Thus, volume redistribution avoiding external skin incisions is the adequate treatment. De la Plaza’s transconjunctival lower lid blepharoplasty is a reliable tool for arcus marginalis release. For patients also requiring an endoscopic midface-lift, even the transconjunctival incision for intraorbital fat compartment realignment can be avoided by performing the release of the lower orbita septum via the buccal mucosa incision.


Lower lid blepharoplasty Endoscopic midface-lift Arcus marginalis release Orbital fat redistribution 


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  1. 1.Department of Plastic SurgeryUniversity Medical CenterFreiburgGermany
  2. 2.Erich-Lexer-KlinikFreiburgGermany

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