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Lipectomy of Arms and Lipograft of Shoulders Balance the Upper Body Contour

  • Miguel ChamosaEmail author
  • Jorge Murillo
  • Teresa Vázquez


Lipodystrophies of upper limbs are less significant than lipodystrophies affecting inferior limbs, and the results of liposuction in that area are not always aesthetically acceptable. The authors topographically studied the amount of fat in a lipodystrophic arm of seven cadavers, and found that the zone located over the humerus’ trochiter frequently presents lipodystrophic cumuli. In these cases, the maximum width is not the bideltoid width, but the bitrochiteric width. Intermediate and deep liposuction was performed only over the posterior and external aspect, because superficial and circumferential liposuction may result in multiple irregularities on the anterior and internal surfaces. During the same medical act, fat-graft injection in deltoid region was performed to balance the contour of the scapular belt. With this technique, an aesthetically balanced zone was obtained. The results for 48 patients treated with arm liposuction and fat-graft injection in the deltoid area were very satisfying.


Arms Lipograft Syringe liposuction Lipo-plasty 


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  • Miguel Chamosa
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  • Jorge Murillo
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  • Teresa Vázquez
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  1. 1.Miguel ChamosaMadridSpain

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