Augmentation of Cheek Bone Contour Using Malar Osteotomy


Patients with a narrow face have often a defect in expansion of the maxillary–malar complex. A malar osteotomy, separating the malar–zygomatic complex from the orbit and the maxilla, allows an anterolateral cheek projection when performing an external rotation. This technique changes facial contour and improves facial aesthetics. During the past 5 years, 18 malar osteotomies have been performed; the external rotation was stabilized with interposed coral graft in six patients and with interposed bone graft fixed by a miniplate or with a stainless steel wire in 12 patients. Simultaneously septoplasty was performed in five patients, rhinoplasty in 13 patients, and genioplasty in two patients. Six patients had a face and neck lift, one patient had a forehead lift, and one patient had onlay iliac crest bone graft to treat atrophic maxillary alveolar ridges prior to implant placement. Stability was defined after 1 year follow-up. The increase in projection was correlated to the size of the graft. At least 5 mm were necessary to have cheek modification. Mucous inflammation, maxillary sinusitis, and relapse were observed with the use of interposed coral graft, but no complications were observed with bone graft. Malar osteotomy is a simple and safe procedure; it allows an anterolateral cheek projection and seems to be effective for treating transverse midface deficiency.

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