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Gluteal muscle fibrosis with abduction contracture of the hip



Gluteal muscle fibrosis with hip contracture is a rare condition and causes major disability; literature reports are sparse. The aim of this study is to present, for the first time in Iraq and the region, a case series of gluteal fibrosis and the results of surgical treatment.


Seven children—six boys and one girl—diagnosed as having gluteal muscle fibrosis with hip contracture, were investigated and treated by open surgical release of fibrotic bands and physiotherapy.


All patients improved dramatically over the subsequent weeks, and were able to sit and squat in the normal position.


Gluteal muscle fibrosis with hip contracture is present in Iraq and more awareness is needed for early diagnosis. Surgical treatment provided excellent results. More studies are needed to delineate the aetiology of the condition.

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The authors would like to thank Dr. Sataar Al Habeeb and Dr. Adnan Faraj for their help to shed light on this subject.

Conflict of interest

None on the part of authors.

Ethical notes

This study has been approved by the ethics committee in Al Wasity Hospital and therefore in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki 1964.

All parents of the studied children gave their informed consent prior to inclusion in the study.


No funds were received in preparing this article.

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Correspondence to Mohammed Ali Al Bayati.

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