Dear Editor,

We read the article “Platelet-rich-plasma injections for chronic planter fasciitis” by Martinelli et al. [1] and the comment by Dr. Deepak Sharma [2] with interest. Though the reply by Dr. Martinelli was satisfactory, that inclusion or exclusion of leukocytes in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is debatable, we would like to add our views in favour of Dr. Martinelli [3].

Dr. Deepak argued that PRP can be more effective in treating planter fasciitis if leucocytes are separated before injection, as leucocytes lead to an inflammatory process. However, planter fasciitis is a degenerative tissue condition rather than inflammatory [4]. Lemont et al. [5] reported that chronic planter fasciitis is a degenerative condition in which normal fascia tissue is replaced by angiofibroblastic hyperplastic tissue and histology of chronic planter fasciitis is devoid of any inflammatory cell invasion.