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Posterior wall reconstruction using iliac crest strut graft in severely comminuted posterior acetabular wall fracture


Osteosynthesis of comminuted posterior acetabular wall fractures is a challenging task for surgeons. We report a series of eight cases of such fractures where the comminuted fragments were excised and the defect in the posterior acetabular wall was reconstructed with iliac crest strut graft. The graft was buttressed with a reconstruction plate on its posterior aspect. The patients were followed up every week until radiological signs of union were seen. Subsequent follow-up was after six months, one year and annually. Patients were evaluated clinically by Merle d’Aubigne and Postel score and radiologically by Matta score at their final follow-up. All fractures united radiologically after an average follow-up of 3.2 months. The clinical outcome after mean follow-up of 3.34 years (minimum two years and maximum five years) was as follows: two (25%) were excellent, two (25%) were very good, three (37.5%) were good and one (12.5%) was fair. Radiological grading at last follow-up showed excellent in one (12.5%), good in four (50%) and fair in three (37.5%) patients. No complication in the form of infection, heterotopic ossification, neurovascular injury or graft resorption was noticed. To conclude, excision of the small comminuted fragments and reconstruction of the wall using iliac crest strut graft is a viable alternative technique for reconstruction of the comminuted posterior acetabular wall fracture. The medium-term clinical and radiological results of this technique are satisfactory.

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