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A review of anatomy, pathology, and disease spread in the perisplenic region


The perisplenic region is a complex anatomical area involving multiple peritoneal and subperitoneal structures, which influence the presentation and behavior of various pathologic processes. This review is a comprehensive resource for perisplenic anatomy and pathology with associated clinical presentations and imaging findings. Understanding the pathophysiologic intricacies of the perisplenic region assists the radiologist in building a helpful differential diagnosis and recognizing predictable disease patterns.

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A.E. designed the concept, performed literature search, drafted/edited/revised the manuscript, and compiled the image examples. C.O.M. provided close mentorship in the design of the concept, provided imaging examples, and reviewed/edited the manuscript. D.G. provided close mentorship in the design of the concept, provided imaging examples, and reviewed/edited the manuscript. N.C. performed literature search, added references, compiled image examples, and denoted imaging findings in case examples. A.M. performed literature search, added references, drafted portions of the manuscript, and provided patient case examples. A.S. and S.J. provided imaging examples and reviewed/edited the manuscript. K.M.E. provided close mentorship in the design of the concept, provided imaging examples, and reviewed/edited/approved the manuscript.

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Correspondence to Khaled M. Elsayes.

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