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Prostate MRI–TRUS fusion biopsy: a review of the state of the art procedure


Prostate cancer is the fourth most common cancer and population-based screening programmes are being increasingly adopted worldwide. Screening-positive patients undergo routine transrectal ultrasound (TRUS)-guided systematic biopsy, which is the current diagnostic standard for prostate cancer. However, systematic biopsies suffer from poor sensitivity, especially for the tumors of the anterior prostate and apex as well as in large volume glands. In the past decade, MRI-guided targeted biopsies have come up, which utilize the multiparametric capability of MRI to target lesions for sampling. MRI/TRUS fusion biopsies combine the advantages of MRI-targeting with that of real-time guidance made possible by TRUS. MRI–TRUS fusion biopsies are being increasingly used in men with high clinical suspicion of prostate cancer who have had prior negative systematic biopsies. A large number of fusion biopsy platforms are currently available commercially. Although the basic workflow is similar, there are differences in the operational software, biopsy routes offered, TRUS acquisition technique, type of correction applied at the time of fusion and in the probe tracking hardware. The article describes the current role and indications of MRI–TRUS fusion biopsy followed by a discussion on the workflow, patient preparation, biopsy procedure and complications.

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