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Table 3 Subgroup comparison for age, BME, sclerosis, global assessment score, and ASAS score

From: Influence of pregnancy/childbirth on long-term bone marrow edema and subchondral sclerosis of sacroiliac joints

  1. Variables are given in columns; the six possible subgroup pairs are shown in rows. Numbers represent mean values ± standard deviation for continuous variables (age, BME score, sclerosis score, sclerosis depth, global assessment score). Percentages are given for the ASAS score. p values are shown between the variables for each comparison. The color-highlighted values are statistically significant differences (p < 0.05) for each variable in the respective subgroup comparison
  2. ASAS Assessment of Spondyloarthritis International Society, BME bone marrow edema, CB childbirth, SpA spondyloarthritis, SpA+CB+ patients with SpA and CB history, SpACB+ no SpA with CB history, SpA+CB− SpA without CB history, SpACB− no SpA and no CB history