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Post-surgical Achilles calcific tendinopathy treated with ultrasound-guided percutaneous irrigation

  • Case Report
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Skeletal Radiology Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Calcific tendinopathy typically affects the shoulder rotator cuff tendons. Its management includes shock wave therapy and US-guided percutaneous irrigation, with surgery being less and less used. Extra-shoulder calcific tendinopathy is relatively infrequent and typically affects the hip. While the diagnostic techniques and the treatment options for shoulder calcific tendinopathy have been extensively described, there are only anecdotic reports on the other sites. In this paper, we have reported an unusual case of non-insertional Achilles calcific tendinopathy which occurred many years after Achilles surgical repair. This condition, which presented similar appearance to that of the rotator cuff calcific tendinopathy, is totally different from the well-known and more common insertional calcific Achilles tendinopathy in terms of pathophysiological, imaging, and clinical findings. Further, we have shown that US-guided percutaneous irrigation might be a safe, technically feasible, mini-invasive, and effective treatment also for Achilles calcific tendinopathy.

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