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Osteoblastomatosis: an unusual diagnosis and treatment

  • Elena Quílez-Caballero
  • José Martel-Villagran
  • Ángel Luis Bueno-Horcajadas
  • Laura López-Brasal
  • María Jesús Díaz-Candamio
Case Report


Osteoblastomatosis (OBLT), also referred to as multifocal osteoblastoma (OB), is an unusual and recently described entity consisting of multifocal tumors histologically consistent with osteoblastoma and osteoid osteoma (OO) but radiologically mimicking a vascular bone lesion. OBLT treatment is based on aggressive procedures, such as amputation, en bloc resection, and chemotherapy. Only one previously reported case was successfully treated following a multimodal approach consisting of curettage, cryotherapy, intravenous bisphosphonates, and radiofrequency ablation. We present a case of OBLT that may have been cured by CT-guided percutaneous radiofrequency ablation.


Osteoblastomatosis Osteoblastoma-like Bone Radiofrequency ablation Computed tomography CT Osteoblastoma Osteoid osteoma 



We thank Ara Kassarjian, MD, and Eulalia Grifol Clar for their help in the preparation of the manuscript.

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  • José Martel-Villagran
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  • Ángel Luis Bueno-Horcajadas
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  • Laura López-Brasal
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  • María Jesús Díaz-Candamio
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  2. 2.Complejo Hospitalario Univeritario de FerrolA CoruñaSpain

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